Shubot is a Chat Bot that is programmed for use on Mixer, Twitch, Dlive and Discord. It uses ScorpBot as the brain for twitch and mixer.  It uses the unoffical API for dlive and it uses redbot as the core for discord. 

Shubot has been in many different phases and changes are being done as ideas pop in shufunk’s head. Be sure to check out the Changelog on when changes have been done to it.

Here is  a list of features that have been implemented

  • Points system – Wanna see how loyal you really are? The higher the point the longest you been apart of the community.
  • Announcement system – This feature allow the bot to announce certain things such as links to the Youtube, Twitter or website. It also does other random announcements based on time of future events and occasionally the bot would fart and ask “who farted?”
  • Custom commands – This feature allows moderators to add/delete commands on the fly!
  • Auto response system – Certain common phrases have been added as an auto response. EXAMPLE: Is this on the PS3? | Bot responds saying “Read the title! Shufunk is playing xbox!” based on PS3 being a keyword
  • Link protection – While this is still a prototype the bot is to timeout people who post links to any website of any kind! The timeout lasts for only a few seconds but can be adjusted. A moderator can do “!permit username” to give that person permission for 30 seconds.
  • CAPS Protection – If someone talks in all caps the bot will ban the person for one second and give them a warning in chat. The comment is removed from chat as well.
  • Random Jokes – Want a good laugh? Do !jokes and shubot will tell a random joke!
  • Raid – Done casting? Go raid someone!
  • Follow/Shoutout – Shouts out a caster with their full URL and reminder to follow
  • Google – Not sure how to do something? Google it!
  • Steam – Look up game details on STEAM
  • More features to be added when shufunk has time to add more code!

Color Code — ScorpBot Redbot All Versions