Monthly Archives: October 2014

Twitch API Integration – Alpha stage

I was able to get some help on getting the twitch API to work with the bot. It seems that some things added were successful but some are not.

!live [channel name] – This command allows the bot to see if a channel is live and responds with a simple no or a full detail of the channel live status such as amount of viewers and how long it’s been up. The calculations of how long the stream has been live is bugged.

!uptime [channel name] – Only shows how long the live feed has been up. A little buggy but will iron it out.

!viewers [channel name] – List how many viewers are in watching.

All 3 commands you have to specify a channel to get a response. I am working on making it do it for just the channel the bot is in.

NOTE: the uptime and live command is really buggy hence the alpha stage of the code. It would show a uptime in the negatives as if the show is really from the future and you are watching it in the present. Could be a simple setting of time zone and not seeing it in the code.