Shubot can GOOGLE now and more!

Today i added a new feature to Shubot that allows the viewer to google something cause the streamer either is too lazy to tell them or not in the mood to telling them cause certain things are too easy to do. example of what to expect

[14:52] <@shufunk> !google how do you play minecraft?
[14:52] <@shubot> Let me google “how do you play minecraft?” for you…

Shubot can also join another persons channel but only shufunk can send it for now. Don’t worry cause anyone that is moderator or above can tell the bot to leave with !leave but you have to remind shubot what channel it’s in.

Shufunk’s Channel

[14:55] <@shufunk> !join reaper2388
[14:55] <@shubot> I Have Been Told To Join By shufunk

Reapers’s Channel

[14:56] <shubot> My name is shubot! My master is shufunk and he has sent me here to hang out! I can do many things! Check out for more details!
[14:56] * shubot ( has joined #reaper2388
[14:56] * jtv sets mode: +o shubot


[14:57] <@shufunk> !leave reaper2388
[14:57] * @shubot I Have Been Told To Leave By shufunk
[14:59] * @shubot ( has left #reaper2388
[14:59] * jtv sets mode: -o shubot

The bot leaves instantly but won’t show it’s gone from the list until twitch servers shows it out of the channel.

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