Monthly Archives: May 2015

Beam integration and more!

With help of Blipbot and the IRC portal from BenBaptist I am able to use the Shubot with more features i can ever imagine it to have! I give full credit to the creator of Blipbot for all the hard work he has done for his bot with it’s full integration with the new website it allows me to add features i wanted and still use some of my old code for some fun stuff. Main purpose of the merger is the point system Blipbot has that allows me to give points to loyal viewers and allow them to spend points in unique ways such as giveaways and even maybe spend them to get access to a Minecraft server! Some of the code in the bot is still my own and it’s being done the old fashion way though IRC. I have added a quote system that allows people to add quotes of stuff that was said during the stream either it was something i said or someone else said. It’s a way to add memorable stuff!

Shubot Twitch development has been discontinued

Effective today I won’t be working on Shubot anymore since i have chose to not use twitch any time soon. I may do some work on him from time to time when ideas pop in my head but his primary use on twitch is useless and he will stay online until June 1st. When i take him offline he will be switched to an internal IRC server for further testing. It was a fun run and he may be of use on another service. If you see him on my BEAM channel it’s not my code being used and i am using blipbot as the brain until i find out how BEAM works. His AI might be migrated soon to BEAM but not sure when but for now we are done with twitch.