Monthly Archives: September 2016

10.0! Major upgrade!

After looking around for alternatives and a way to integrate things into Shubot without having to rely on a 3rd party to host I finnaly found the perfect brain for him! I started by disableing blipbot’s integration. I then started using ScorpBot  which it has everything i need for multistreaming on Twitch and Beam. I can even host it locally where i do not have to worry about going through a major process to turn certain things on/off and i don’t have to rely on a 3rd party to host the bot program!

Good news is everything on scorpbot can be done on beam and twitch even if you are just streaming on one service. All commands and programs are cross compatible meaning you can do a heist with people on both beam and twitch. Same goes with song request which can be done on both services and it even shows who requested it from what service! The thing i love the most is the chat relay system where both beam and twitch viewers can talk to each other! It’s toggable so if i only stream on one service it won’t relay chat to both services.

I really love this bot program and wish there are more things to do with it! There are talks with more features in the future. Check out the changelog of what i did to shubot. Certain things are still built into shubot with MIRC but that is part of shubot is offline and treat it as a backup just in case scorpbot breaks all the sudden which i hope it don’t. The IRC portal for Beam still works and twitch is already IRC so if things go south we can always use MIRC again if we have to.