Monthly Archives: October 2017

Discord Integration

Thanks to the redbot program i was able to integrate shubot into discord. I am not able to only allow it into my own discord but to whoever wants to use him! I find it very cool i am able to use a stand alone program that makes him unique to each server.

The redbot program iteself has modules. The core system itself mainly allows you to do a ping and custom commands. I was able to add more modules so i added the steam module to look up steam games. I add the IMDB module to look up movie info. I added the ranking system just for fun. i have no way to see the ranks in an HTML format but that is fine. Lastly I can make it become a DJ and play songs! Mainly youtube only for now so until i find a way for allowing it to read MP3’s and stream them I can use my personal library. It would be nice if i can use alexa but that seem way to hardcore to add and could be a hefty premium.

There are so many modules to play with anyways. I will be adding more into the bot as i find some useful ones. For now the bot is primarly being used in my main discord but can be found in the discovery alliance server as well. Until i can make shubot more mainstream i do have it in a special dedicated server for testing and showing off commands and stuff. Until I find a way to properly maintain it and allow other to use it I will open the server to others to join and they can invite it with a special interface kind of like Mee6 which is my backup bot i am using.