Monthly Archives: June 2019

DLive integration

Thanks to some 3rd party devs I am finnaly able to introduce shubot to dlive using the dlivebot cloud based bot. Sadly the name shubot was taken due to errors on my end. TLDR: someone found inactive accounts that were to be recycled and used those names to boost pewdiepie’s followers. I will be able to retain the name in a year if lucky. For now I registered Shubot9000 for the DLIVE version of him.

The core system itself is pretty much like the others. It has follower notifications, hosting notify, Sub notify, etc. I can do custom commands and it has a few games like roll the dice. Some things unique to the program is dlive related such as the following commands

!mylino – Allow you to see how much lino you have in your account that is available to give away. While you can clearly see in the top left of the screen there are people who are either too lazy to check or just wanna show off so what the hell might as well have use of it.

!register – do not confuse this to allow you to do giveaways. This command allows you to invite the bot to your channel. I am not the original owner of the bots core system so you will not get a shubot to join your channel sadly. I prefer you use whatever name it assigns you until you can create you own version using the same core.

The program itself is still fairly new and using the unofficial API for dlive. Once the official API comes out i bet they will change it to work as intended and possible be able to do more. For now this is what we got. Will be hopeing this will be a downloadable instance to host elsewhere soon and if so i can properly maintain it.