Shubot Changelog Archive

10.0 – September 1st, 2016

  • Removed Integration with Blipbot – Blipbot was great but seemed to be abandoned by the original creator so i disabled the integration.
  • Added Integration with Scorpbot – Scorpbot can be hosted on a local machine simular to how i had it setup with MIRC but it allows me to run it on Twitch and Beam!
  • Added Games – Scorpbot came with 4 games and all are turned on! Heist, Roulette, Spin, and 8ball
  • Added Song Requests – Scorpbot allows songs request similar to nightbot but sadly no way for viewers to see the current request list.
  • Added Chat Relay – With scorpbot being able to be on twitch and beam I can have viewers of both channels to talk to each other! The option is toggable and currently disabled.
  • Edit Points System – Switched over from blipbot to scorpbot and everyone was reset to zero! 500 points gives you title status of regular and able to do more things! Gain points by watching or playing games built into the bot!


9.0 – May 1st, 2015

  • Added Integration with Blibot – I was able to still use my code along side with the Blipbot brain for more functions! Blipbot has it’s own point system and can keep track of chat activity on Thanks to _Ethen for allowing me to integrate some of his work into mine with the API.
  • Added Quote System – Quotes can be added from what people said in chat or stuff you may have heard from other channels you may want to keep as a memory of good fun!
  • Edit Custom Command Module – Kept feature but made it toggable within IRC just as a backup if blipbot is down for maintenance for a long time and i need custom commands on the fly
  • Removed Join/Leave – The bot is not hosted for twitch anymore for that feature to work properly
  • Removed Point System – Already in blipbot so removed from my primary code but preserved for future use and as backup system
  • Removed Link Protection – Already in blipbot so removed from my primary code but preserved for future use and as backup system
  • Removed announcement system – Already in blipbot so removed from my primary code but preserved for future use and as backup system
  • Removed CAPS Timeout – Already in blipbot so removed from my primary code but preserved for future use and as backup system

8.0 – April 20th, 2015 – Final Twitch Edition

  • Removed Twitch API Module – It just does not work out for me and got rid of it! Too buggy and lazy to fix it.
  • Added Google Search – Not sure what to do? Have shubot google it for you!
  • Added Join/Leave – Shubot can now join a channel as well as leave it. Only shufunk can allow the bot to join a channel but moderators or above can allow the bot to leave the channel. Upon arrival the bot sends an automatic message into the new channel introducing itself.

7.0 – October 14th, 2014

Integrated with Twitch API (Alpha Stage)

  • Added Live – Check the status of a channel to see if it’s live or not. If live the response will show how long the stream was live and the current viewer count.
  • Added Viewers – Allows to show the current view count for those who are too lazy to look under the stream 
  • Added Uptime – Allows to show how long the stream has been live

6.0 – July 5th, 2014

  • Added Raid – A Caster only command that allows the caster to direct his/her viewers to another caster in a raid. Gives the URL and a preset message to say during the raid.
  • Added Follow/Shoutout – Doing !follow name or !shoutout name will have the bot do a shoutout with the URL to the caster being shouted out and reminding viewers to follow them. This is a mod only command

5.0 – April 7th, 2014

  • Added Random Jokes – Do the command !joke and the bot responds with a random clean joke
  • Edit – CAPS Timeout – Redid entire code due to major bug. Bot bans the person for 1 second and gives a warning message in chat. Future plans to add 10 minute ban for repeated offender.

4.0 – April 3rd, 2014

  • Added CAPS Timeout (BETA) – If someone types all caps it will timeout the person for 10 minutes!
  • Edit – Custom Command Module – can now be used in other peoples chats as long as the channel operator activates the overall command. Still working on so it’s activated no matter what channel it’s in.
  • Edit – Announcement System – redone for use in other channels. Still working on so it can update on the fly without needing to update TXT file manually on server.

3.0 – March 31st, 2014

  • Added Custom Command Module – This module allows mods to add/remove commands without having the bot owner alter the code. All commands are automatically added to an INI file on the host system and codes are universal if bot goes to other channel. Only way to make unique commands based on channel is to have the bot run on different systems. Plans for unique custom command based on channel to be implemented in a future date.
  • Removed “Manual” Custom Commands – Conflicts with new module and were obsolete
  • Added ping command – Used to check status of the bot!
  • Added announcement system – A random line from a TXT file is read out in chat every 10 minutes. Each line is either a reminder such as Twitter, Youtube, and the website. Some are announcements of future events. Also at random the bot farts and asks “who farted?”
  • Link Protection code turned into a module due to overall conflicts with recent added custom commands system
  • Made points system it’s own module to prevent conflicts even though there wasn’t any….yet

2.0 – March 25th, 2014

  • Added Points system – This feature allows viewers to know how long they have been watching based on amount of points they have. The longer they view the stream the more points they get! NOTE: The bot tracks point based on channel!

1.5 – January 29th, 2014

  • Added link protection – Any type of website posted in chat gets the user banned for 2 seconds and link is removed/purged. A moderator has to do !permit username to give the person 30 seconds to post a link.
  • Added “manual” auto response system – With noticing people saying certain things over and over in chat I decided to have the bot respond to certain phrases. EXAMPLE: USER: Is this PS3? | Shubot: Can you read the title? It says shufunk is playing XBOX360 — This feature is edited in the backend for now but plans for better adding/removing phrases at ease in the future.
  • Added Custom Commands manually – Custom codes such as !tweet, !youtube, !gamertag and many others were added into the overall code. I really hope there is a better way to do this cause each command code is long!

1.0 – January 28th, 2014

  • Created shubot account on twitch
  • basic code added where it only responded to a user saying “hello” with a resonse “Hello $nick” which basically translates to saying hello back to the user.