New brain for dlive

It seem the original core system I was using for dlive was using shut down for almost no reason so i was forced to stop using shubot on dlive for a while. Today i found a new program that allows me to have my bot again.

With this bot I hope it stays in development or at least enough that i can still have shubot on dlive. Until scorpbot or any of the other multi platform bots have dlive integration I am forced to have a seperate program just for dlive. As for the bot itself it has the basic thing i need. It has alerts, a point system, quotes, timer and a giveaway system. There are no modding tools but that is fine with as small as my channel is. Lets see how this goes

DLive integration

Thanks to some 3rd party devs I am finnaly able to introduce shubot to dlive using the dlivebot cloud based bot. Sadly the name shubot was taken due to errors on my end. TLDR: someone found inactive accounts that were to be recycled and used those names to boost pewdiepie’s followers. I will be able to retain the name in a year if lucky. For now I registered Shubot9000 for the DLIVE version of him.

The core system itself is pretty much like the others. It has follower notifications, hosting notify, Sub notify, etc. I can do custom commands and it has a few games like roll the dice. Some things unique to the program is dlive related such as the following commands

!mylino – Allow you to see how much lino you have in your account that is available to give away. While you can clearly see in the top left of the screen there are people who are either too lazy to check or just wanna show off so what the hell might as well have use of it.

!register – do not confuse this to allow you to do giveaways. This command allows you to invite the bot to your channel. I am not the original owner of the bots core system so you will not get a shubot to join your channel sadly. I prefer you use whatever name it assigns you until you can create you own version using the same core.

The program itself is still fairly new and using the unofficial API for dlive. Once the official API comes out i bet they will change it to work as intended and possible be able to do more. For now this is what we got. Will be hopeing this will be a downloadable instance to host elsewhere soon and if so i can properly maintain it.

Discord Integration

Thanks to the redbot program i was able to integrate shubot into discord. I am not able to only allow it into my own discord but to whoever wants to use him! I find it very cool i am able to use a stand alone program that makes him unique to each server.

The redbot program iteself has modules. The core system itself mainly allows you to do a ping and custom commands. I was able to add more modules so i added the steam module to look up steam games. I add the IMDB module to look up movie info. I added the ranking system just for fun. i have no way to see the ranks in an HTML format but that is fine. Lastly I can make it become a DJ and play songs! Mainly youtube only for now so until i find a way for allowing it to read MP3’s and stream them I can use my personal library. It would be nice if i can use alexa but that seem way to hardcore to add and could be a hefty premium.

There are so many modules to play with anyways. I will be adding more into the bot as i find some useful ones. For now the bot is primarly being used in my main discord but can be found in the discovery alliance server as well. Until i can make shubot more mainstream i do have it in a special dedicated server for testing and showing off commands and stuff. Until I find a way to properly maintain it and allow other to use it I will open the server to others to join and they can invite it with a special interface kind of like Mee6 which is my backup bot i am using.

10.0! Major upgrade!

After looking around for alternatives and a way to integrate things into Shubot without having to rely on a 3rd party to host I finnaly found the perfect brain for him! I started by disableing blipbot’s integration. I then started using ScorpBot  which it has everything i need for multistreaming on Twitch and Beam. I can even host it locally where i do not have to worry about going through a major process to turn certain things on/off and i don’t have to rely on a 3rd party to host the bot program!

Good news is everything on scorpbot can be done on beam and twitch even if you are just streaming on one service. All commands and programs are cross compatible meaning you can do a heist with people on both beam and twitch. Same goes with song request which can be done on both services and it even shows who requested it from what service! The thing i love the most is the chat relay system where both beam and twitch viewers can talk to each other! It’s toggable so if i only stream on one service it won’t relay chat to both services.

I really love this bot program and wish there are more things to do with it! There are talks with more features in the future. Check out the changelog of what i did to shubot. Certain things are still built into shubot with MIRC but that is part of shubot is offline and treat it as a backup just in case scorpbot breaks all the sudden which i hope it don’t. The IRC portal for Beam still works and twitch is already IRC so if things go south we can always use MIRC again if we have to.

Beam integration and more!

With help of Blipbot and the IRC portal from BenBaptist I am able to use the Shubot with more features i can ever imagine it to have! I give full credit to the creator of Blipbot for all the hard work he has done for his bot with it’s full integration with the new website it allows me to add features i wanted and still use some of my old code for some fun stuff. Main purpose of the merger is the point system Blipbot has that allows me to give points to loyal viewers and allow them to spend points in unique ways such as giveaways and even maybe spend them to get access to a Minecraft server! Some of the code in the bot is still my own and it’s being done the old fashion way though IRC. I have added a quote system that allows people to add quotes of stuff that was said during the stream either it was something i said or someone else said. It’s a way to add memorable stuff!

Shubot Twitch development has been discontinued

Effective today I won’t be working on Shubot anymore since i have chose to not use twitch any time soon. I may do some work on him from time to time when ideas pop in my head but his primary use on twitch is useless and he will stay online until June 1st. When i take him offline he will be switched to an internal IRC server for further testing. It was a fun run and he may be of use on another service. If you see him on my BEAM channel it’s not my code being used and i am using blipbot as the brain until i find out how BEAM works. His AI might be migrated soon to BEAM but not sure when but for now we are done with twitch.

Twitch API Removed

It seems that the code i was using for integration to Twitch API is now broken and not in the mood to recode to the new standards so i completely removed the API integration. Sorry for those who liked the feature but it will be brought back when i have time to work on that feature.

Shubot can GOOGLE now and more!

Today i added a new feature to Shubot that allows the viewer to google something cause the streamer either is too lazy to tell them or not in the mood to telling them cause certain things are too easy to do. example of what to expect

[14:52] <@shufunk> !google how do you play minecraft?
[14:52] <@shubot> Let me google “how do you play minecraft?” for you…

Shubot can also join another persons channel but only shufunk can send it for now. Don’t worry cause anyone that is moderator or above can tell the bot to leave with !leave but you have to remind shubot what channel it’s in.

Shufunk’s Channel

[14:55] <@shufunk> !join reaper2388
[14:55] <@shubot> I Have Been Told To Join By shufunk

Reapers’s Channel

[14:56] <shubot> My name is shubot! My master is shufunk and he has sent me here to hang out! I can do many things! Check out for more details!
[14:56] * shubot ( has joined #reaper2388
[14:56] * jtv sets mode: +o shubot


[14:57] <@shufunk> !leave reaper2388
[14:57] * @shubot I Have Been Told To Leave By shufunk
[14:59] * @shubot ( has left #reaper2388
[14:59] * jtv sets mode: -o shubot

The bot leaves instantly but won’t show it’s gone from the list until twitch servers shows it out of the channel.

Migrating bot to linux

Today I decided to move Shubot to a linux based operating system not only for the fun of it but as a way to learn more about linux and how it’s run.  The system is lubutu 14.10 with wine installed since MIRC is windows based and after careful research is the only way my scripts to work as originally coded unless i change the code overall but really not in the mood to do that quite yet.

Twitch API Integration – Alpha stage

I was able to get some help on getting the twitch API to work with the bot. It seems that some things added were successful but some are not.

!live [channel name] – This command allows the bot to see if a channel is live and responds with a simple no or a full detail of the channel live status such as amount of viewers and how long it’s been up. The calculations of how long the stream has been live is bugged.

!uptime [channel name] – Only shows how long the live feed has been up. A little buggy but will iron it out.

!viewers [channel name] – List how many viewers are in watching.

All 3 commands you have to specify a channel to get a response. I am working on making it do it for just the channel the bot is in.

NOTE: the uptime and live command is really buggy hence the alpha stage of the code. It would show a uptime in the negatives as if the show is really from the future and you are watching it in the present. Could be a simple setting of time zone and not seeing it in the code.